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Anime: Superpowers and Music

So, this is a post I wanted to talk about for a while now. So, my love for anime goes deep. Not only for the fantasy and craziness of story plot and character, but also the many different kinds of anime there are and the sense of epicness that I can get like no other. The one thing that stands out to me in anime is the various types of superpowers that characters can have in the shows. Shonen Jump, mostly fighting anime (Bleach, Dragon Ball, etc.) are the sole foundation of my adrenaline style binge watching marathons. There is something about watching these badass characters going through unbelievable battle scenes and the sense of being on the edge of your seat to watch who will be victorious. And another thing I noticed about these fight scenes is something I take very close to heart. It's one extra addition to the anime puzzle piece that completes the set. Background Music.

 So, I'm going to ask you the viewers a question. Have you ever watched an anime, doesn't matt…


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Might Of Iron: Chapter 10 - Face To Face

The three Edonian fighters stood before a large orc and his men behind him as they held a small standoff before civilians of a small underground city that was completely unknown to the surface. The orc's nostrils flared with each breath as it looked between each of the armoured soldiers.
      "Where did you three come from?" he asked, his voice deep and groggy. "I never seen the likes of you down here before."
      "We came from above, in Helmlond. We're searching for a criminal who needs to pay for his crimes of what he did in the town." Mikal answered, staring the orc in his eyes.
      "Surface dwellers, eh?" the orc said, looking back at his men as they readied themselves which in return, made the three fighters draw their weapons as well. "You thought we were going to just hand over one of our people to you?"
   From behind the orc, six to seven men came out and began snickering at the three before them. Mikal, Lukas, a…

The Future of Yo! D101

Hello everyone after much thought and discussions, we at Yo! D101 have decided to change from being a general interest blog to an anime blog. This is a new evolution for us, but its something we know we are passionate about and can do, which will also be much easier for us since we love anime so much and want to meet like minded people. We will be talking about everything anime, manga and gaming 😍😍😍.

   There will be changes to the blog to reflect this but we hope you stay with us as we evolve and grow. 😊

Way of the Blade: Chapter 9 - Expedition to Hirashi

A new day has begun in the village of Sanahobi. Out in the back of their house, Sasume and Haru has been training with each other and against each other. Haru has vowed to this because of the conversation and event that has happened before. Sasume agreed and also vowed to get stronger so she could face off against tougher enemies when the time comes. Haru focused on her physical strength and defence as well as spiritual and mental state. Hirashi was a place that was severely harsh to the soul of anyone who wasn't prepared. Legends have it that if someone isn't spiritually strong enough to bare the pressure of the land, their soul would be ripped out of their physical form and turn them into a wandering fighting spirit. Sasume and Haru landed some good time sparring before they both went back inside and drank a small cup of tea together with the sun slowly rising over their head.
      "Haru," Sasume spoke, softly setting her cup down.
      "What is it Sasume?&…

Delta/Blue: Episode 3 - Realization

Kayato stood there with the electricity flowing throughout his body and making contact with the ground around his feet. The two girls stared at him in awe and amusement as Kayato stepped forward andlooking between them both. Mizuki stared back at Kayato with a small grin while Itori smiled widely while her hands were gripped tightly together.
      "Wow, he look so cool!" Itori said happily, clapping her hands. Kayato was taken aback and then looked at himself, realizing what has happened to him.
      "Wha- I don't..." Kayato managed to get out.
      "Looks like what Kisama said about you was true." Mizuki said. "Your aura is impressive. Now, all we got to do is see what you're capable of."
      "Where is my sister?" Kayato quickly asked as he snapped his head back towards the dark hair girl.
   Mizuki giggled a bit and then pointed out the window toward a rooftop nearby the hospital. Kayato rushed over to the glass and saw th…

Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan: Episode 2 - Summoner

All the students in the school were now seated at the Izukashi Stadium, where the first Virtual Summoner battle would commence. Easily spotted by their uniform, Yuuto, Ayato, and Nayako were barely able to keep themselves still as the energy from the growing crowd amplified their own energy. The battleground for the fight was a simply concrete square surrounded by grass that was trimmed neatly. But thanks to the technological advances throughout the years, with simple code inputs, it would go to a much more scenic background that could boost a certain attribute to one of the Summoner's main fighter. The three friends waited eagerly as they talked among each other.
      "This is going to be so much fun!" Yuuto said, looking over to Ayato and Nayako, "I heard the two Summoners battling are the strongest in the entire league. Their Summons are so alike, they can battle forever and almost no one would come out the victor."
      "Okay Yuuto, we get it.&quo…

Might Of Iron: Chapter 9 - Scouting Out

Standing alone with one of his men dead and the other two standing with their swords drawn as the three drow jumped down from their post and right in front of them. They all stood with their faces partially covered by a black mask as Xune stepped forward, staring at all three of them.
      "Why are surface dwellers down here?" she asked, her two companions snickering behind her as they stayed put. "If I were the three of you, I'd leave immediately. I already killed one of your men."
      "Why you accursed drow." one of Wilton's man said in a rage, charging Xune with his sword pointed at her.
      "Wait don't charge her!" Wilton warned, holding his hand out as the man continued to charge her.

   Xune slowly slid out two short swords while she smiled underneath her mask. She waited for the soldier to get closer as her eyes glowed purple and the runes appeared on her weapon as she crossed them in front of her face. The man took a…

Way of the Blade: Chapter 8 - Water and Fire

Sasume and Haru placed the blade of Katsumi on the ground next to her. Haru looked over to his sister who was rather silent and still after the whole ordeal. He thought maybe she was shaken up from the intensity of the battle or having to kill someone after getting what she had to acquire. He walked over and sat down next to her as he followed her eyesight over to the still corpse of the ronin they just fought. He sighed softly and turned to her with words to say but was cut short by the single tear that formed in her eye.

      "Sasmue, you're crying." Haru said, turning his full body towards her. "Why?"
      "Why did you never teach me this lesson?" she asked him. Haru eyes widened at the question. "You knew as well as I did that in some missions, the Samurai will need to kill in order to succeed in their mission. Why did you never tell me this?"
   Haru stayed silent as his sister slowly turned to him, looking in the crystal clear te…

Delta/Blue: Episode 2 - A Different Life

"I'm a what now?" Kayato questioned, looking at the two very unfamiliar women that entered his hospital room.
      "You're a Delta, a human with extraordinary inhumane powers." the girl with the black hair said. Kayato looked between her and the the blond haired girl before he sighed and closed his eyes.
      "Listen, both of you are dressed the part," he began in a tone that made him sound unsure. "But if I were a person with inhumane powers such as you say, there's no way I'd believe you."
      "Fine, then believe this." the girl said in a more announced voice. "Those people who invited you last night were not human." she watched as Kayato's eyes widened.

      "How do you know about that?" he asked, sounding like the wind has been knocked right out of his body. "How did you see that when I didn't you? What were they?"
   The blond haired girl giggled before hopping on the fo…

Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan: Episode 1 - Seeing For One's Self

Online video games has taken the world by storm. Players from the United States to China has been digitally battling each other daily, collecting amazing and strong monsters and rising up in their ranks as top monster battler. Across the sea in Japan, they have taken online battles to exciting and new extending heights. Enter the new sport, the Virtual Summoner Battleground. Made possible by many game developers that came together to make it possible, the V.S.B has drawn many fans and followers as well as many participants to enter in the event. In the year of 2025, Virtual Summoner Battleground has gained so much attention that it has even earned its own television channel so people could watch it at home. The participators that enter are called Summoners, because they each earn a solo main monster to battle while going out to find strong minions to help the main fighter win battles easier. Many ways of fighting has been established and it as drawn in Summoners from all over the …

Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan: my first post coming tomorrow!!

Hello all, this will be my first start and hopefully, a series that I can turn into my own anime. So, Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan (Translated into Me and My Summon) is about a sixteen year old Virtual Summoner, a real world gamer who can enter tournaments and win prizes fans and stardom. The tournaments are called V.S.B. or more commonly known as the Virtual Summoner Battleground, is a major sport that quickly rose on ratings as the new gaming-action television show in Japan and quickly went worldwide, pulling in players from all over the globe.
The sixteen year old in question is Yuuto Anami, a very competitive and friendly online game player. Even in high school, Yuuto finds the time to play a few rounds of online games on his phone, mostly turn-based games where he would collect monsters, battle them, and upgrade them. When Yuuto heard of the V.S.B., he was ecstatic about it and couldn't wait to enter. His mother and father were a bit skeptical, but then decided to suppor…